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You will learn:

1. The correct way to use a nylon collar.

2. To handle a Kennel Leash correctly.

3. How to use a training line correctly and effectively.

4. To teach the dog to stay in a designated area

5. To teach your dog to pay attention to you.

6. Say the dogs name and it comes running back to you.

7. How and When to socialise your puppy safely.

8. How to show the dog how to do a ‘sit’.

9. To use the correct body language for the command ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’ at a short distance.

10. How to have your dog ‘stop and start'when you do.

11. Each hand signal has a command, that leads to off leash work.

12. Learn how to play safely, and teach the dog the command ‘Out/Give/Leave’

13. A hand out is given on how to deal with basic leadership problems.

14. Teach the dog to walk on a ‘heel’.

15. How to use your body, touch and tone to communicate clearly to the dog.

16. A friendly way to have your dog lie down.

17. Short distance“down/stay’

PLEASE NOTE: do not make the common mistake of teaching the dog an advance move/command when the dog is not paying attention or a proper understanding of dog behaviour.

Each lesson of the course is designed to teach the owner and the dog a step by step method of acquiring skills to enhance your communication and directional ability

Each handler and dog, can learn at their own pace. Regular practice between lessons will ensure your both ready for the next step. For those dogs that have learnt some commands already, we can improve on what is learnt, maybe fine tune it to be more effective or extend each individual/or dog to more challenging situations.


The Intermediate Training Course will help you refine behaviors learned in the Beginners Class including heel, sit, down, stay, and come with the addition of finish heel, Go, Stand, and Stay whilst you are out of sight. There will be an introduction to a variety of different heeling patterns and improved stays at a longer distance.


Intermediate/Advanced Training will cover the following:
Sit/Stay half way, close range group work, directional send outs, intro to tracking/agility, Improving quality of teamwork between handler and dog.

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Advanced Training Course will cover the following:
Advanced heeling patterns without the use of a leash, fast response sits and downs, introduction to the dumbell ('take it', 'hold it' command) tricks, hoops, basic tracking, basic search and rescue, stay with challenging situations and going to a variety of different venues.

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The Confidence and Agility Training Course teach the handler and dog the correct methods used during Agility. A great introduction to the sport of Agility without the stop watch. This is an action-packed, fun-filled hour!! The introduction to agility will help increase your dog's confidence by teaching them obstacles, such as the dog walk, see-saw, A-Frame, chute, tunnel and jumps using positive reinforcement to help encourage your dog over and through the obstacles. All students must have completed a 5-week Beginners Course.


Before registering your dog in any course please take note of the following conditions:

  • All dogs must be vaccinated.

  • No sick dog may be brought to any class, however the owner should attend
        without the dog and arrange for a make-up class when the dog is better.

  • There are no refunds on fees if the student/owner does not attend or does
        not complete the course or any portion thereof.

  • There is an element of risk in training and working with dogs. The training
        courses contain instructions on how to avoid these risks. The Academy
        stresses safety at all times during the training of the dogs.

  • The W.A. Dog Training Academy and/or its agents assume no liability for
        illness; disease/infections; injury or damage of any nature, or which the
        student, their guest or their dog may suffer or be the cause of.

  • The student/owner agrees to release from liability, to indemnify and hold
        harmless the W.A. Dog Training Academy and its agents from any and all
        claims resulting from the herein mentioned conditions, missing or non-
        effective vaccinations or preventatives, or from the action of any dog
        including his/her own.

  • All owners must clean up after their dog should it defecate.

  • If more than one lesson is missed, you must take a make-up lesson to
        graduate from the course.

  • Only the same handler may work with the dog in class during all of the

  • Other members of the handler’s family may attend to watch from the
        sidelines of the training and practice sessions.