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Q: Can you tell me why my dog comes to me most of the time and then disobeys me when he feels like it?

A. The dog believes he is the leader of the pack, or knows he does not have to do as he is told if he doesnít feel like it.

Q: How expensive is it?

A: Fees are based on a lesson rate.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Each private lesson should be approximately 1+1/2 hours in length and is held either at your place, or an open area close to where you live when a time suits you. Most behaviour problems usually take no more than 5 sessions (once a week = 5 weeks). The initial consultation visit is an interview, defines the issues to be addressed, a step by step program to suit your needs, evaluation of the dog and owner, advice on how to get started right away with establishing leadership without force. Each lesson after that is practical one-on-one training.

Group lessons are usually 1 to 1+1/2hours in length and range from 5 to 6 weeks increments. Obedience and behavioural training takes time, some small problems can be addressed immediately while other issues may require a long term program on how to re-condition the dog. Each case, will depend on the time available by the owner to support the program.

I do sometimes offer a campus program where I will look after the dog and do the work myself, then show you what to do once the dog has been retrained. This program is costly, short term but very effective.

Q: How long have you been doing this? What is your experience?

A: I have been training my own dogs for 30 years. I have been teaching Obedience and Behavioural training full time for the last 8 years. In that time, I have worked with over 2,000 dogs (and nearly as many owners) of all breeds and disposition.

After spending 3 years full-time training in the USA (acquiring various diplomas) I have discovered a whole new respect and appreciation for dog training.

My mentors offer me full support in my efforts and are available to me as a private "resource" for any situations. I am very well read and have in my library a large selection of books and DVDís of dog trainers from all over the world.

Q: Is there a Guarantee?

A. I do have my reputation on the line and although my work is guaranteed, a large portion of the continuing success of the dog relies on the owner following through on the advice I give at the beginning of each session. For continued success the owner needs to apply these 3 ingredients: 1. They personally are committed to the ideas that change the behaviour of their dog; 2. They truly want change to happen and are motivated 3. The owner has written down (diary, phone etc.) a daily structure or have a support system to maintain the change.

Q: What about financial considerations?

A: I will not become a millionaire from dog training. Sad, but true. Reasonably, I expect full payment up front. I have found that if the owner commits a financial obligation, they are more likely to follow through with their part of the work. I am willing to work with you on a payment schedule if money is a real issue. I do a lot of volunteering work so part of every job payment goes towards donations to another dog in need.

Q: What methods do you use?

A: I am committed to a "dog/human friendly" form of training. I use several training methods, such as Dog Listener, Dog Whisperer, Koehler training, Augerís training, Lathouras training; it all depends on the nature of the dog and the trainer/owner that I am dealing with. Every person is different and every dog is different. I am a Senior Graduate of The Landmark Education program and have undergone many senior courses over the last 25years which has given me access to incredible insights on what it is to be a human being and I would say this is why I am a very likeable person and probably why dogs tend to gravitate to me. I have a connected way of being with people and their dog, which has the training, be fun and easy to learn.

Q: Is there a pill I can give my little dog for showing aggression?

A. Every dog is an individual with its own personality just like humans. All dogs are influenced by the attitude and behaviour of the owner. Most people don't realise they are the ones teaching the dog to behave aggressively or anti-socially, so sedating a dog may not solve the problem. A good leader is always calm, fair, friendly and firm. All dogs teach us something new in life, whether it is patience, forgiveness or love.