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Western Australia Dog Training Academy

PRIVATE ... 'One on One' Dedicated Training For Your Dog ...

“How Would You Like Everyone To Love Your Dog As Much As You Do?”

WADTA runs weekday and weekend private lessons to suit all dog owners.

Have you ever:

  • Felt angry or frustrated because your dog ignores you when you issue a command?
  • Felt that the dog’s misbehaviour is putting a strain on how you relate with them?
  • Felt embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour?
  • Felt intimidated or scared by your dog's actions?
  • Felt like giving up because you have tried everything and nothing seems to work?

  • Powerful and effective, W.A.D.T.A. uses easy-to-follow training methods that will give you complete mastery and make you leader of the pack or ‘top dog’ in all situations.

    There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ dog ... With W.A.D.T.A.’s specialized training you will have a HAPPY, OBEDIENT DOG which means a HAPPY FAMILY.

    Expert private and personal training with W.A.D.T.A. will provide you with fast and permanent results with any breed of dog.

    Whatever the age or temperament of your dog you’ll feel proud to be a dog owner.

    You and your dog can have a loving, fun and confident life together when WADTA teaches you to solve your dog’s behaviour, trust and obedience issues in just a few hours.
    * Lifetime Guarantee

    WADTA’s unique unconditional lifetime guarantee assures customers that they can repeat the training course as often as required to pass any level.